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More Site Changes

Written by johnleemk on 11:06:12 am Mar 3, 2007.

I hope you all are happy with the changes I recently made to the site. Since the last time I wrote a summary of the constant changes I'm making, a lot of things have been altered, so I'll just mention the things that stand out.

I've made it a lot easier to subscribe the site's web feeds, so you can stay up to date with it. There are links for Google, Yahoo and Bloglines users. I'm sure everyone has at least a Google or Yahoo account, so subscribing to the feeds shouldn't be a problem.

For people who use a social bookmarking service like or digg, I've also made it easy to bookmark the articles. If you don't already have an account with one of these services, you might be interested in registering, since it's a great way to store all your favourite pages in one place. Even if you use a different computer, your bookmarks will still be there.

Another feature I've added is that each article now lists five other articles that the database has determined are "relevant". The trouble, of course, is that computers are rarely good judges of language, and that many of these articles will turn out to be irrelevant. Still, it's fun trying to guess what will come up.

Last but definitely not least, after much haranguing and complaining, I have added something like a commenting system to the site. Basically, the same algorithm used to find relevant articles also finds the most relevant topic from the forum and displays it, along with the five most recent replies.

Of course, since the same inherently faulty algorithm is used, you might find irrelevant topics listed from time to time, so don't expect it to be spot on. Still, the odds of finding a decent relevant topic should be greater than one in two.

To comment, you will still need to register an account (which, I promise, can be done in under 30 seconds). Once you are logged in, a brief form will be shown where you can enter a reply to the topic and preview it to see how it looks.

You lot who have been complaining had better appreciate this, since I stayed up till 4AM last night to finish the brunt of the code changes, and only just finished putting the final touches to it a few minutes ago (it's past midnight as I type). There will be the occasional bug, of course, as bugs always crop up when you introduce changes to the code, so please bear with them and let me know if you find any.

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