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I'm Going to Publish A Book...

Written by johnleemk on 11:12:54 am Sep 10, 2005.

I am currently in the middle of polishing a draft of a book I have been wanting to write for quite a while — Why Your Kid Hates School. It is basically an account of Malaysian school life from the perspective of students today. A lot of the incidents in it may be foreign to even someone who has just left school, so, yes, it is very up to date. And now, I am making a chapter from it available online.

Those of you who have been missing my frequent bloggings should be informed that there is a currently a lot of activity on the forums. We have 31 registered users who have made (as of this writing) 764 posts. So, what're you waiting for? Get that number into the quadruple-digits!

As for the book, you'll find the preview at the forums. This is a very small sliver of the juicy material I have prepared, but I hope it's but a tiny drop in the ocean. You see, I'm looking for your experiences.

If I publish this book based solely on my own anecdotes, I am one voice. With your help, there can and will be evidence that this is not an isolated incident. I will have proof that Malaysian schools are not just a torture chamber for me, but for millions of school-going children every weekday.

So, what're you waiting for? Sign up and get cracking at writing your recount of your school life! (If you would not like the incident to be made public, you can send the account to me via email ( and request that I not credit you publicly in the book's acknowledgements.

What are you still doing here? Stop reading and stop writing! (I reserve the right to edit these accounts however I feel like doing. You will be credited, however, for relating the incident concerned.)

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