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It is finished!

Written by johnleemk on 10:18:10 am Aug 20, 2006.

Surprising, isn't it? I actually had the *gasp* motivation to finish redesigning the site! Well, be honest...I didn't. I just rushed it through because it is really depressing to see your blog looking like a piece of crap every week when you check to make sure your father paid the bills for the webspace you don't use anymore. (Shhh...he doesn't know that. And with your help, he never will.)

So, yes, now I have one (yes!) somewhat pretty graphic to make it look like I know where to get pretty nature pictures from (actually, I don't). I also have some (ugh) splashes of colour to make me look more artsy fartsy than I really am. And who knows, if I get around to it, I might actually start adding content again!

You see, thanks to that green box on the main page, you can now tell whether I'm actually doing my job and writing random pieces of crap on this blog. Hopefully one day I'll program something so that other people can write for me and I'll just sit around approving pieces - kind of like an editor, yes! But for now, I need motivation to write. That green box will list between five and zero articles; these are the five-most read articles published in the last two weeks. If I haven't been writing, you'll know when there's less than five (as things stand, currently).

And speaking of knowing, check it out - we now have RSS and Atom feeds so you can know when I haven't updated this blog! Yay! If you use Firefox, you should be able to use a "Live Bookmark" and subscribe to one of the feeds (it doesn't matter which you use; I just provide both because there are some outdated dinosaurs out there that can only use one format).

Having said that, there's a lot of work to be done. There are some kinky bugs that need ironing out (only I'm too lazy to fix them), I need to get that editorial system up (and figure out who to hire to write for me...), and in the meantime...write. Crap. I still have three or four more articles to write. Woe is me!

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