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Finally, Another Update

Written by johnleemk on 5:26:17 am Dec 17, 2006.

Yes, I've gone and done it again - I've made some changes to the site. Most of them are stylistic issues, or fixes for bugs you probably never noticed in the first place. The only major change - which you've probably noticed or will notice once you scroll down - is the addition of a contact form so you can easily send me complaints (or, on the rare occasion that I get something right, praise). The contact page has also been altered to include the form.

There's really not much else to say about the update, except that Internet Explorer users really really should switch to something else, if possible. There were some last-minute bugs with IE that I couldn't be bothered to fix before uploading the new code, and they may be a bit noticeable, so if possible, please use Firefox or any other web standards-compliant browser to view this site. (If you choose Firefox, be sure to download it using the recommendation button in the sidebar to the left - it helps me fund this website, which has been a losing venturer since its launch, mainly thanks to my laziness in writing content and developing a half-decent interface.)

One thing I observed while uploading the new code was that about a third of the files on this site have not been touched for over a year, and a substantial amount of this third have not been touched since April of last year, when this site first launched. I don't know whether this attests to the robustness of my code base, or my problem with apathy and laziness.

At any rate, I hope you'll make use of the new comment form. Just dash off a quick line with your feedback - it'll be very helpful. There are a number of new articles in the pipeline, so hopefully there'll soon be some new content for you to comment on. Till then, farewell, dear reader.

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