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The Evils of Left Liberalism and Anti-Americanism?

Written by johnleemk on 10:45:44 am Feb 23, 2007.

In response to the article on the parallels between Mahathir Mohamad and Hugo Chavez, one "quo vadis" commented:

Dear Johnleemk,

Excellent article with salient points covered.

Hugo Chavez is a leftist. He is representative of Leftist/Liberal diseased newspeak. Ditto Mahathir. Read history. What these two evil men did and continue to do is what Petain and Quisling did - Treason.

[Mahathir drew attention to the problems of the Balkans]

Germany pushed for the war and received what it wanted, all in the name of European unification.
Phony Bosnian "Concentration Camp" photos led to the defeat of Christian Serbs - Schroeder was in the pay of muslims. The then Foreign Minister Joschka Fisher looked the other way as he allowed wholesale muslim emigrants without any process. It took 9/11 and the steely Interior Minister Otto Schilly to deport the radical muslims numbering 1100 off to their country of origin, set up detention centres surrounded by barbed wires, pushed a raft of laws to curb/deny muslim immigration and the immediate deportation of muslims who spout negativity at Germany.

Now Germany is making sure the war it started will end the way it wants—with the Balkan region under the control of a German-dominated EU. And to date, it has succeeded.

UN backed this illegal war against the former Yugoslavia, of which Serbia and Kosovo were provinces, which was nothing more than a strategic move by Germany to gain control of the Balkans.

The European Union has announced its support for a United Nations roadmap for Kosovo’s future, urging Serbs and Kosovan Albanians to start negotiations based on the draft. By contrast, Serbia immediately rejected the UN draft for allowing for an independent Kosovo.

UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari presented his “Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement” to Serb President Boris Tadic and Kosovan President Fatmi Sejdiu on February 2, 2007. Opposing this is Russia, a staunch supporter of Serbia.

The rabid anti America, anti Israel will continue unabated till America collapses and Jerusalem is surrounded by enemies. All indications point that it is very very soon.

Europe has forgotten that it was America that delivered them from Hitler and protected them from Soviet aggression for 50 year Americah elped them rebuild their country and gave them "democracy." Germany's economy is supported with US military bases, tourism and imports.

Similarly it was the Americans who defeated Japan and gave rise to the evil satanic Mahathir to spew venom. Mahathir is an uncouth, rude, nasty speciman according to late Tunku Abdul Rahman in his "The Tunku's tapes" by K. Das.

When America collapses Mahathir and UMNO can forget about sovereignity. China looms over to conquer. With the only stabilising world power gone it'll be a free for all, world over.

Then the lazy, stupid, Malays will wake up and learn what democracy and freedom is.
If they can, if they will. They are stupid to the bone marrow - genetics, my dear Johnleemk.
And what can anyone do with stupid genes?

There are so many points that I don't know what to deal with. All I can say is that this is a rather unique and interesting viewpoint, touching on several issues that I don't feel sufficiently informed about to comment on.

I can say, however, that the anti-Americanism I would be worried about is the brand being spread by radicals in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The European anti-Americanism is, I think, temporary in nature. The only way to make it permanent would be for the Americans to elect another neo-conservative in 2008, and that is not very likely, considering that most Americans wish Bush's presidency was over already.

I think it would be wise to distinguish between rabid liberalism and reasoned liberalism as well. There are a lot of rabid liberals in Europe — the kind who believe in the insane things that Chavez might spout. But most liberals are reasonable. I have chatted online with a lot of Europeans and Canadians, many of whom fall into the left liberal part of the political spectrum, and they are not the kind who fall for the socialist venom that someone like Chavez might spew.

It is probably true that our sovereignty will shrink significantly if the world's sole superpower becomes China instead of the US. Like the Soviet Union in its heyday, China would probably turn its neighbours into satellite puppet states.

At the same time, that isn't an excuse for blindly supporting America. American foreign policy has been conducted terribly, especially under the Bush administration, and several of Mahathir's and Chavez's criticisms are accurate. The problem is that Mahathir and Chavez are not sincere in their criticisms, but just use them as smokescreens to distract their people from domestic issues.

Our countries and the world would be far better served if we focused on domestic reform. Thinking globally and acting locally is always a wise motto.

On a final note, I think it is quite unfair to suggest that the Malays are inferior genetically. This is really a lie that (surprisingly) was spread by Mahathir in his book The Malay Dilemma. It has been rebutted quite effectively by Dr. Bakri Musa in The Malay Dilemma Revisited, and by Syed Hussein Alatas in The Myth of the Lazy Native.

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