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Win the Rural Folks and Fight the NEP

Written by johnleemk on 2:16:01 pm Mar 30, 2007.

After I proposed Expanding the New Economic Policy's Reach, c53k wrote:

I actually think Amir Hafizi talks sense.

Here are my takes;

Itís always better to fight within the system than out of it. So to correct the imbalances of the NEP we actually need to partake in it fully. Bearing in mind that NEPís principles are universal except the concepts are been twisted & hijacked to suit the umnoputras. By working with it so we can hopefully win over a 'majority' of the 'silent Malays' who are against the implementations & yet remain silent due to the 'herd mentality' of fearing to harm the whole herd despite the rotten apples within. These silent majority Malays actually consists of the intellectuals & surprisingly the rural Malay folks.

Some might not be agreeable with what I've say about the rural Malays' mentality. Itís sufficient to point to Kelantan & Trengganu heartland Malays to pinpoint this fact. Itís a misconception of majority of the M'sian urbanites that these rural Malays are only care for simple day-to-day livings & Islamic codecs. Again suffice to point out that it's in these two states that the Malays are more well-mix with the other M'sian races & can cohabit more easily in a much more friendly & happy environments. Compare with urban living the cohabit environment between the various races are only skin deep. Umnoputras propagandas has limited reach in these areas.

Somehow to these silent Malays in the urban itís always better to get crumbs from your own kind rather than FEARING seeing the whole herd ends up with NOTHING & been robbed by Ďpendatangsí. This FEAR is a very powerful tool that the umnoputras are playing now. (do note the capitalized words)

To reduce this FEAR first the Malay must be shown that thereíre non-Malays that are actually living in a conditions worst, if not much better than them. Their living sufferings are equal if not the worst as they perceived as their own. Their treatments from the umno govt are not much better than these Malaysí.

Due to the umno propagandas there are virtually non poor non-Malay in Mísia! Even if there are their own kind will look after them much better than the govt. Thus the idealism of Malay-must-look-after-the-Malay-come-what-may has deeply integrated into their psychic!

The only way to correct this injustice is to educate these Ďsilent Malaysí. The correct way of education is not to entangle this psychic, like many has done via angry mails/blogs.

Education means facts & figures. These are the areas that the umnoputras are really touchy, thus every time when facts & figures are demanded you ended up with whitewashes all over the media machineries.

Thus win the govt by encompassing the NEP! Then remove the racial elements within its implementations by uplifting all Mísian.

Of course then for the non-Malay the fear of religious overdrives by the ulamas, which is also deeply indoctrinated within their psychic must be overcome. This is another story that the like of Husam Musa (PAS v-president) needs to address.

I do not have much to add to these wise comments, so I will generally let them stand for themselves.

One thing, though, is that Amir himself did note that education is imperative to ensure that the Malay populace will support expanding the policy to non-Malays.

I personally do not think this is a very important issue. The reason is simple; once we tie the policy to income rather than race, the question is irrelevant altogether. If the Malays believe that there aren't many poor non-Malays, they won't care about a policy that applies only to poor Malaysians, because for them poor Malaysians = poor Malays.

And that's assuming we don't combat UMNO propaganda. If we do, then the Malays will have more a reason than ever to strip the rich Malays of their undeserved "rights", and extend these "rights" to the poor Malaysians, Malay or not.

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