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The Hypocritical Opposition

Written by johnleemk on 9:58:58 am May 15, 2005.

Note: The following is abstracted from a post in the May 2005 debate. The original post being replied to stated:


we know your type and modus operandi.

back off if you know whats good.

the typing in full colour and stereo is on standby if you don't.

lets see if theres censorship.

"back off if you know whats good."? Pot calling kettle black?

Sometimes I just wish that the people who oppose the government would count among their ranks those other than hypocrites, slanderers and just plain airheads. Honestly, every time I visit MGG Pillai or Jeff Ooi's blogs, I just wonder why we don't have more bloggers who can see things from more than one point of view.

In any case, I'm not the kind of guy who would censor things. I believe in the right to free speech. I did not ask for Raja to impose a ban or any such thing on those who stirred up the sickening crap I have been reading. All I asked was that he try suggesting a different topic for debate.

Honestly, it's just bad to the bone when you see Malays accusing Chinese of acting like "yahudi" and Chinese tarring all Malays with the brush of terrorism. I mean, if you're going to criticise the government for this, the least you could do is avoid becoming a hypocrite.

All I can see here is the same old Malaysian one-track pattern of thinking: "Blame it on the government. Nothing's our responsibility. The government shouldn't be sharing responsibility with us, oh, no. It's the government who should be solving these problems for us."

If you're going to bash the government for censoring people, fomenting racial discontent or intentionally sowing the seeds of hatred in the rakyat, the least you could do is avoid the same thing.

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