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Five Thinking Blogs

Written by johnleemk on 4:35:11 pm May 1, 2007.
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So, apparently, one "Locus Standi" has listed me is one of five bloggers who make him think. This means I get to display this shiny button here:

Thinking Blogger Award

It also means, though, that I have to name five blogs which make me think. This is actually quite difficult because I don't read that many blogs in the first place.

Nevertheless, in no particular order, here is my best try.

the __earthinc is a blog which I have been following regularly for I think close to two years now. Written by Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams (who I had the pleasure to meet in person about two weeks ago), it focuses mainly on the environment, but has a lot of good stuff on politics and economics as well.

In particular, Hafiz brings a very analytical and serious approach to Malaysian politics, disregarding the emotional sensationalism which characterises most Malaysian bloggers.

Another good one is The Malay Male, by Amir Hafizi. Amir writes mainly about sex, but in recent times has been writing more about Malaysian politics and society.

The main reason Amir's blog is such a thinking one is that he takes the path less traveled — usually it hasn't even been traveled before. I don't know anyone else who can swear so much when writing about Malaysian politics, and still produce something sensible.

Nathaniel Tan's is another good blog, though not updated too regularly. Especially as of late, Nat has been photoblogging, which really adds a whole new dimension to Malaysian politics. It's one thing to read about it; a completely different thing to actually see it.

Tony Pua updates his blog even less regularly than Nat, but when he does write something, it's always interesting to hear what he says. Being an articulate Democratic Action Party functionary, he has a different view on politics compared to most sideline commentators.

Last but not least, there's Education in Malaysia, published by both Tony and Ong Kian Ming. It's one of the few excellent websites out there for education-related information in Malaysia. Thinking about education is something that not enough people do, don't you think?

These five blogs are now "tagged", meaning they each have to post a list of five blogs which make them think. The rules and origins of this meme can be found here. I don't know if anyone I've tagged will bother following up on it, but still, that's not important as long as they keep on blogging thought-provoking pieces.

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