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Malaysian Apartheid

Written by johnleemk on 1:07:32 am May 9, 2007.
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I don't understand how people can so easily deny the apartheid that is in Malaysia. I mean, the Never Ending Policy — er, I mean, the New Economic Policy — is one thing, but the blatant ketuanan Melayu is a whole different kettle of fish.

After all, the fundamental premise of one is equality and parity between different communities. The fundamental premise of the other is inequality between the communities and the supremacism of one race.

Things would not be so bad if the NEP had been implemented properly, and its ideals of equality done justice. But instead it has become a tool of Malay supremacists and government cronies to enrich themselves, at the expense of all Malaysians, including the Malays.

Making matters worse, the government is beginning to shed its pretence of equality and justice. Not too long ago, they even announced they would literally discriminate according to skin colour in the employment market, forcing advertising agencies not to hire Pan-Asian models!

Even the blatant injustice of some economic policies is becoming more and more apparent. It is now almost impossible to justify this sham of a New Economic Policy when all its initiatives are blatantly meant to enrich one race at the expense of others.

Just look at the recent announcement that two banks would now only do business with law firms where the majority partner is a Bumiputra. How can you call this anything other than apartheid?

It's one thing to, say, give preference to Bumiputra-owned firms when all other things are equal. It's one thing to give priority to the Bumiputra poor when distributing welfare cheques.

It's a whole different thing to announce you will be only doing business with Bumiputra-owned firms, end of story. That's apartheid, and there's no other word for it.

Malaysians have to realise this — have to realise that the fruits of this government we have elected are apartheid and injustice, not equality and fraternity. There are ten reasons not to vote for this regime — and though apartheid is just one of them, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Most countries around the world have abandoned such blatantly discriminatory and unjust policies. Even South Africa, despite the subjugation of the blacks by the whites for so long, has resisted attempts to unfairly discriminate against the whites in uplifting the black communities.

Why should our country be any different? We have the vote — and let's use it to show that although apartheid may be a policy of the Malaysian government, it is not a policy of the Malaysian people.

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