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More Copies of Where is Justice Confiscated

Written by johnleemk on 1:44:10 am Feb 9, 2010.

Yesterday, Malaysiakini reported 10 copies of Where is Justice were confiscated by the Seremban police. Nat and I have just heard from our distributor that more copies have been seized in the Klang Valley; we're receiving conflicting reports about the targeted store(s) being in MidValley or elsewhere. In any case, this hits very close to home.

As Nat says, the authorities seem more and more hellbent on keeping this book out of your hands. I've already explained what this supposedly secret information is; these facts are in the public domain and accepted by all, but known to few. If Nat and I didn't know about some of this stuff, you can be sure you don't know the whole story either.

There is nothing more precious than a human life. It's despicable that the authorities want to keep the stories of the lives snuffed out because of their actions, whether direct or indirect, hidden and locked away. We the public need to know the truth about these deaths; it's an obligation to ourselves and to our fundamental moral and religious beliefs.

It's terrible that this silent campaign to get this book off the shelves seems to be working; Popular has decided to no longer stock Where is Justice. However, the book is still perfectly legal to own and purchase, and Popular (as well as any other major bookstore, for that matter) should sell you a copy over the counter upon request. It's a sad day when simple, informational books have to be sold like this.

Nat has outlined three ways you can procure a copy, which, again, I strongly recommend:

1. Get one from your local major bookstore (I've previously seen them available in Popular, MPH, Borders, etc)

2. Order one online from Kinibooks.

3. (If you live within the Klang Valley) Place an order with, and we will do our best to get a copy to you at RM 30 (incl delivery costs), on a COD basis.

Don't let the government control what you read and what you think. Owning and buying this book is still perfectly legal, and this confiscatory campaign is nothing more than blatant intimidation. Know your rights, and use them well.

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