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Dead To Me

Written by johnleemk on 3:02:34 am Nov 6, 2006.

American comedian Stephen Colbert has an amusing segment on his satirical news show, The Colbert Report, entitled "Dead To Me" where he lists people whose existence he will no longer acknowledge. If anyone ever establishes a Malaysian equivalent, I have someone for his list: Johor Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman.

The New Straits Times frontpaged an article today on the idiot's opposition to Bangsa Malaysia. I'd link to the web version, but the NST archives its articles quite quickly, so it wouldn't be worth it. Instead, I'll just selectively quote from the piece:

Delivering his policy speech at the party convention here, Johor Umno chief Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the concept was not acceptable because it meant a rojak (mishmash) of races in the country.

As the Constitution clearly defined the races as Malay and others, there was no justification for demands for a united and single Bangsa Malaysia or a Malaysian race.


"After 49 years of independence, we should be more mature and not try to produce nebulous concepts whose origins are not clear," said Ghani.

The concept is seen as a threat to the Malays and the special position provided for them in the Constitution.


Ghani said there was no need to reinvent a national identity when the Constitution had clearly defined the various races that make up the citizens of this country.

"Even if the term Bangsa Malaysia is to be used, it must only be applied in the context of all the peoples of Malaysia with the Malays as the pivotal race," he said.
Well, get a clue, you fucktard: national unity isn't a zero-sum game. And the Constitution only specifically defines the Malay race (in Article 160); good luck trying to find a definition of Chinese or Indians there. There isn't a pre-existing definition of national identity to be found either, so Bangsa Malaysia doesn't conflict with anything within the Constitution.

This nonsense about the Malays being "the pivotal race" only becomes clearly irrational when you think about how these same assholes would react if they lived in the West and heard a white politician talking about "the Anglo-Saxons as the pivotal race". If John Howard said that, you can bet Mr. Malays-As-Pivotal-Race would be racing to fuck him up the ass as hard as he could.

You know, this is probably some sort of backlash against Mahathir. It's not good enough that they beat him at his own game of denying the government's opponents press time. They have to play the race card as well. And that's why Abdul Ghani Othman is, for all intents and purposes, dead to me.

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