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Dead To Me, Part II

Written by johnleemk on 7:55:47 am Nov 14, 2006.

No time limit to achieve Malay Agenda, says Najib. Well, pardon my French, but what the fuck? "He said it was impossible to correct the 446 years Malays were oppressed under the rule of foreigners between 1511 and 1957 within a period of 20 to 30 years." So to achieve this "Malay Agenda", we are to continue disenfranchising non-Malay Malaysians for, let's see, another 397 years? Fair enough? Or is 446 rounded up to infinity so we can have no sunset clause on this stupid agenda?

Najib must be really stupid if he thinks his logic is making any sense here. First of all, what is this "nebulous" (to use another dead man's word) policy known as the "Malay Agenda"? Why are these people fond of yelling "racism" when another country talks of a White Agenda so eager to champion a Malay Agenda? Is there anything wrong with a Malaysian Agenda? Is a Malaysian Agenda incompatible with uplifting the Malays, who happen to be Malaysians? Or do the Malays think they're too high and mighty to be included among Malaysians, and ought to have a special category all for themselves?

And what's the idea behind the lack of a time limit for this agenda? The Blacks in the United States were enslaved for centuries, and discriminated against for another century after their supposed liberation - do you see them whining about the "Black Agenda"? Do you think the Blacks need an unlimited amount of time to recover from their setbacks caused by slavery and oppression? I don't think Najib actually believes that, so what makes the Malays so special?

In the first place, the Blacks have been doing well on a very limited (relative to what we have here) affirmative action programme. There is still unofficial discrimination against them, and there is still the need for some means of affirmative action, but there isn't any need for a "Black Agenda".

Najib is absolutely correct on one point, though - the Malays as a whole are still lagging behind the Chinese significantly. But this isn't a justification of his Never Ending Policy (NEP) - it's an indictment. One definition of stupidity is doing the same thing while expecting to obtain a different result. Najib seems to think proving his policies have failed is an argument for retaining them - remember when he justified educational quotas by saying that only 5% of all local undergraduates would be Malays if the quotas were removed?

And now, of course, we have the obligatory non sequitur. By proving that the Malays are worser off than the Chinese, Najib claims that "Based on this fact alone, Lee Kuan Yew's allegation that Malaysian Chinese are being sidelined is completely wrong." Oh really? So when our government refuses to give any jobs to Malaysian Chinese contractors, that isn't being sidelined? When the overwhelming majority of government scholarships go to Malaysian Malays, that isn't the Malaysian Chinese and Indians being sidelined? When government funds are allocated to the construction of mosques, while permits are withheld for the construction of churches, that isn't being sidelined?

You know what, Najib? Just like a certain Menteri Besar from Johor, you aren't worth the oxygen you breathe. So just like him, for being a complete idiot, you are dead to me. Not that it matters anyway. You've clearly proven yourself to be brain dead already.

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