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Retarded FIA Kicks BAR Out of F1 for 2 Races

Written by johnleemk on 8:51:58 am May 6, 2005.

As anyone who hasn't been in a cave for the past two weeks knows, BAR are in deep shit over their second fuel tank which supposedly concealed ballast that could have been drained to give BAR's cars an advantage in Formula 1. However, in spite of the fact that an international court has already ruled against BAR (a ruling contrary to the FIA's appeals panel's as well as the Imola race stewards' decision), has BAR done anything wrong?

I don't know about the fuel tank or what it was used for, but the FIA admits that the rules on this are unclear. Innocent until proven guilty, isn't it? Teams stretch the rules of F1 all the time. Furthermore, the court admits that there is no conclusive evidence BAR intentionally cheated. And to top it off, BAR has been allowed to keep their cars unchanged; no order has been given by the FIA to remove the second fuel tank. Isn't that genius?

Clearly, the FIA are just in need of some publicity to draw people's eyes away from the fact that boring old Schumi is starting to get back on track to becoming world champion for an eighth time. Let's hope he's not, but whatever the case, it's just totally unfair that BAR has been punished for a crime they haven't been proven to commit (they claim the fuel tank, if drained so as to provide a speed advantage, would cause the engine to stop functioning) which is set out by rules that aren't even clear.

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