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Six Weird Things About Me

I got tagged by a blogger, so netiquette obliges me to tell you six of my deepest darkest secrets.

Written by johnleemk on 10:57:47 pm Jan 17, 2007.

So, I was tagged. I'm suppose to tell you six weird things about myself. Well, here goes:

  1. I'm at least 62.5% Chinese, about 30-something% Filipino, and have an indeterminate (but minuscule) amount of Spanish blood.
  2. I have attended three different primary schools, two different secondary schools and one college. These include one Chinese national-type school and one private school.
  3. I read on average about six books a month. (In other words, I read 72 times more than the typical Malaysian.)
  4. I am against abortion but believe it should be legal. (I plan on dealing with this in a future article.)
  5. I am against pre-marital sex. (Probably not weird for older readers, but definitely weird for someone in my generation.)
  6. People laugh uncontrollably when I dance.

Now that you know my deepest darkest secrets (actually, you don't, but hyperbole is fun), feel free to slander me for (these are all various things I have actually been charged with): not being Malaysian enough; being a snobbish rich kid who could attend a private school; not being Chinese enough; reading/studying too much; not upholding my moral values; being an excessively conservative prude; and/or dancing too erotically with a guy. (Although, for the record, I am not homosexual. I'm just have lack any sense of decency.)


"moo_t" wrote to me to cheekily complain that the five first things aren't weird:
time for nick-picking ;)

1. not weird
2. not weird also.
3. not weird also unless you are a kampung folks or mat rempit.
4. No weird. it is called control by legislation.
5. Not weird also. Nothing to do with the age.

For the first, well, I just assumed it was weird because I didn't see other people's mothers being confused for maids. I haven't run into many people who've been to such a large number of schools, so I thought I was a bit abnormal in that sphere as well. For the third, the average Malaysian reads one book a year, so I thought it would be a bit weird to read 72 times more than the typical Malaysian. The fourth might not have been explained clearly enough; I am also against abortion in the case of rape, etc. Most people who are against abortion personally but support its legalisation do so because they feel rape victims should not carry any children resulting from the rape. I personally feel otherwise, but that doesn't keep me from supporting the legalisation of abortion. Then again, perhaps I just haven't met enough people who have such apparently odd views as mine. And as for the fifth, I'd estimate that 90% of the people I know in my generation have no problems with pre-marital sex. (Casual sex, though, is a different matter.)

Still, if you insist, I can come up with five replacements:
  1. Today (18 January 2007) I officiated at a lesbian wedding (as a joke, of course);
  2. I can drink about six or seven large cups of Coca-Cola at McDonald's (free refills rock);
  3. Most (as in the majority) of my friends in primary school and college have been non-Chinese, even though I am Chinese - the exception was secondary school where most of my friends were Chinese;
  4. My writings have been criticised by Ivy League students;
  5. For some reason, in college I've ended up befriending a large number of girls, and as a result know more about certain womanly issues than any man should ever know.
I honestly think that's about as weird as I can get, so maybe I'm not that weird. *shrug*

Update II

moo_t strikes again!

That's more like it ;)

reason I think why the previous is not weird

1. With TV, internet, etc, that's nothing weird about.
Ah, true, I suppose. I guess I was thinking about what would be weird to Malaysians.

2. Even the Meng-Zi(Chinese philosopher) mother shift to other house 3 times. ;)
I've shifted house four times. I still think it's a bit abnormal to have been to so many schools, though.

3. Middle class Malaysian read tons of book. The 1 books statistic is terrible. Because it didn't show the details and the methodology of the survey. e.g. language, area, books sales figures,etc.
Yes, I suppose. I guess I should have mentioned that the vast majority of the books I read are non-fiction. Most people I know read only fiction.

4. The abortion issue is 20 years old topic. Since it involve some political-religions, it will take time.
Yes, that's true.

5. Nothing weird/special on age against pre-marital sex. Sometimes the opposite also happens, people who growth older will change their stand on it.
Yes, I'm well aware of that. :) Based on my personal experience, though, it's very odd to be opposed to pre-marital sex if you're in my generation.