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Writer's Cramp

Written by johnleemk on 10:02:02 am May 27, 2005.

Again, having writer's block (in addition, I'm also typing on a keyboard with a malfunctioning "a" key), so I figured I'll write about something that troubles me when I'm not using a keyboard: writer's cramp. It's like this dull muscular pain in the bottom part of your palm, and I pretty much get it whenever I write an essay with pen or pencil.

It's really annoying, especially during tests with a time limit when you're stuck between the extreme discomfort of continuing to write or the possibility of failing. It's probably the biggest (if not only) downside to being able to just pour your thoughts out on paper.

There must be a way to prevent writer's cramp. Exercise/practice doesn't work; I can attest to that. Good thing we have computers nowadays, though. I don't think I could write creatively without them.

The funny thing is, writer's cramp seems to have less of an effect when it comes to taking notes or some other form of writing that does not necessarily involve much thinking. Is there some correlation here?

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