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I didn't know I was famous...

Written by johnleemk on 12:16:37 pm Dec 20, 2005.

15 year old drops out and whaps Malaysia. (Update, 1 April 2007: this link no longer works. An archived version is available on this site.) I'm not sure whether I should take it as a compliment or insult that Ivy League students are taking time off from their studies to dissect and criticise my personality. Regardless, that was an interesting discussion. I managed to add my two cents at the end.

Something else that's interesting: While Googling stuff about Ops Lallang, I stumbled on this gem.

Quoted from: The Sun
As one Wikipedian, using the moniker Johnleemk, says:

"There are glaring omissions in that almost all the facts included in the article are those positive about Anwar…Not even the allegations of Anwar's opponents, whether true or false, were included in the article…"

Wow. Something I wrote got published in a national newspaper. And not those crappy letters I've written in to Malaysiakini too. (Just one or two examples...) Interesting.

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