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Students and the New Straits Times

Written by johnleemk on 12:36:40 pm Mar 22, 2006.

Because I'm blogging this very late at night, I'll get straight to the point: the NST seems to have been publishing a lot of letters from secondary school students lately. Why, I know not. I presume it has something to do with the government's proposal to reform our education system, or something of the sort. Whatever it is, it's these kind of things that make me proud (why, I know not).

The first letter which caught my eye was one entitled "School is about learning, not number of distinctions". It was written by someone exactly my age (unless he/she did the PTS and skipped Year 4 of primary school), who wrote about 30 people in his/her school scored straight As for the PMR. (Ha, is that any surprise considering some of the science paper's questions had answers right in the text of the question, or that the English paper was easier than the UPSR one?) K.F.A. from Kuching, I salute you.

The second letter that got me really interested was one titled "Conduct of MPs needs to improve". The writer identified himself/herself as a secondary school student, and lambasted some of our most (in)famous MPs such as Mr. Malaysia Ini Negara Islam, You Tak Suka You Keluar Dari Malaysia. (Film at 11.) Well, M.L.K. (ha, we even have almost the same initials!) from Seremban, I salute you as well. It is not every secondary school student in freaking Malaysia who can write such a coherent letter on such a "boring" issue as politics.

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