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Greetings, Salutations, and an Apology

Written by johnleemk on 4:26:21 am Nov 2, 2006.

With exams around the corner, and university applications to fill out, I haven't had much time to spare for blogging or most of my usual activities. Tomorrow I have a statistics paper, but instead of studying, I've screwed my priorities over and decided to write a short post.

All is well with me, I suppose. The main reason I've had the urge to blog is because I want everyone who still follows this blog to check out the Wikipedia main page on the 4th of November. Mark your calendars, folks - it's something worth the wait.

Since I have to talk about something else, there's another interesting event coming up on the calendar. The US Congressional midterm elections are approaching in less than a week, and could see the Democrats retake both houses of Congress.

My favourite website for tracking the progress of the elections is, which is run by an academic with experience in a wide range of fields. (If I recall correctly, he had something to do with the early development of Linux.) A caveat is that his prediction for the 2004 presidential election was way, way off - but then nearly every pollster predicted victory for Kerry,

Whatever the case, I'm skeptical of the Democrats' chances for taking the Senate. They have the House of Representatives locked up, however - the polls can't be far off on this one. The only question is whether they'll gain a sliver of a majority, or a whopping huge one.

Before I go, I must make that apology mentioned in the title - that apology being for not having done anything on this site for so long. You can expect more of the same from me in the future. Till then, farewell, dear reader(s).

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