Infernal Ramblings of a Thoughtless Mind

About me

Hi, my name is John Lee. I am a proud Malaysian national currently living in the United States, where I work for a bank in the Washington, DC area. I graduated from Dartmouth College with a double major in economics and history.

In 2005, I began blogging publicly on this website (which used to be hosted at a number of different URLs before I settled on I wrote primarily about Malaysian affairs, although I occasionally discussed issues of more general interest in the fields of economics, history, law, and culture. I stopped blogging here in 2010, when other interests began taking up more of my time. As of 2013, I primarily blog at Open Borders: The Case, a website advocating liberal immigration policies across the globe.

None of my opinions, expressed in any medium (online or offline), represent the opinions of my family, friends, alma mater, prior employers, or current employer. All opinions are my own and I alone take responsibility for them.

Some of my scribblings

Besides this website, I have a substantial online presence. Some places you can find me:

I used to be a columnist for The Malaysian Insider, and you can find some (though possibly not all) of my columns at their website. I have also contributed material to and co-edited three books on Malaysian affairs:

Although I no longer blog at this website, I maintain an archive of my old posts. The backend engine running the blog, along with the HTML/CSS design of the site, were projects I worked on as a high school student (and so I apologise if you find the site design or performance somewhat wanting). I encourage you to follow my writings on Open Borders: The Case, as I believe current immigration policies constitute some of the worst and most unnecessary discrimination in the world today.

Where I am now, and how to reach me

I also continue to follow Malaysian affairs quite avidly, and visit home in Malaysia quite often. I plan to remain in the US for the foreseeable future as I pursue a professional career. I devote much of my spare time to travelling and pursuing various intellectual interests, and always enjoy a good conversation. If you'd like to reach out, my email address is Have a great day!